Improve your home's energy efficiency with Enovos

Energy - whether in the form of electricity or natural gas - is a precious resource. More and more consumers want to reduce their consumption, not only to save on energy and control their budget but also from a desire for a responsible and sustainable response aimed at preserving the environment.

Main energy provider in Luxembourg, Enovos has made energy efficiency one of its priorities. We have developed different tools and services to enable you to monitor, analyse and reduce your consumption of natural gas and electricity – and therefore your carbon footprint – whilst enjoying the same comfortable lifestyle.

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Encouraging energy efficiency in Luxembourg

Energy efficiency is one of the key economic and ecological issues of the day. This is why, encouraged by the European Union, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg has asked natural gas and electricity suppliers to support consumers in taking steps to reduce their energy consumption.

From this perspective, Enovos is encouraging every customer to improve energy efficiency in their own homes. We are investing in intelligent mobile applications, developing subsidiaries to guide you in your renovation or new-build projects and offering you financial incentives in addition to State aid for any energy improvements, etc.

Tools designed to boost energy performance

More than a distributor of natural gas and electricity, Enovos is a key stakeholder, offering innovative energy services and advice.

To develop simple eco-strategies on a daily basis, carry out large-scale insulation projects, build a low-energy property, install a decentralised production unit, etc., regardless of your situation and your goals, Enovos can help you take the necessary steps to improve your home's energy performance.