Enovos, key player in the mobility of tomorrow

For several years, Enovos has decided to promote the development of more sustainable, more eco-friendly mobility. Opting for an electric car can contribute to considerably reducing CO2 emissions, which contribute to global warming.

We are supporting the development of electric mobility in Luxembourg by installing charging stations for electric cars, making home-based charging solutions more accessible and via ergonomic charging services. 

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Guaranteeing electric mobility for all

As an electricity supplier in Luxembourg, we are joining forces with the public authorities and private initiatives to encourage the use of electric cars.

We have developed a wide range of solutions and services to accompany you on your daily travels and meet your electrical energy needs.

Recharge your electric car wherever you want

First and foremost, Enovos has installed many charging stations for electric cars in conjunction with local partners.

We are developing innovative solutions to enable you to recharge your electric vehicle efficiently - whether at home or at work. Our projects in this area aim to guarantee individual mobility for everyone who has chosen the electric travel option.