Managing your carbon emissions

Understanding the carbon footprint and carbon offsetting

As a company, most of your business activities lead directly or indirectly to greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). But did you know that it is possible to measure these in order to reduce and offset them?

Carbon footprint: the calculation of your GHG emissions

The calculation of the carbon footprint makes it possible to account for the greenhouse gas emissions of an activity, a site, an event, etc. Evaluating your greenhouse gas emissions will enable you to reduce your environmental impact as much as possible and, amongst other things, to study the vulnerability of your economic activity and particularly its dependence on fossil energies. Thanks to data collection, CO2 emissions are calculated on the basis of your current situation and thus give you an overview of the most important sources of emissions in your company, enabling you to implement concrete actions. The analysis is repeated regularly to check the effect of the measures taken. In close collaboration with « energieagence », we propose you the monitoring of your greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) according to the Bilan Carbone® method of the ADEME (Agence de l’Environnement et de la Maîtrise de l’Energie).

The offsetting of your GHG emissions

The principle of offsetting is that the environmental impacts caused by the emission of GHGs may be neutralized by reducing them elsewhere on Earth. This carbon offsetting service is in line with our position statement on global warming and sustainable development. In addition, we have a long experience in this field.

We invite you to adhere to this approach, by committing yourself to the development of sustainable projects implemented in various geographical areas. These projects support and promote ecology in all its forms (sustainable agriculture, reforestation, protection of natural reserves) as well as the development of renewable energies.

We are committed to transparency in our offsetting activities and we invite you to consult the map showing, amongst others, some of the projects in our portfolio around the world.

From theory to implementation, each actor has a role to play, and everything to gain.


eno4climate is the tailor-made solution for you. You have the possibility to offset your carbon footprint, and we will give you advice and our know-how to neutralize your greenhouse gas emissions due to:

  • your professional activity;
  • your consumption of natural gas;
  • your professional and private travels.

Offset your environmental footprint by supporting innovative greenhouse gas emission reduction projects around the world: in Africa, Latin America and Asia, which are also among the target countries for cooperation and development of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg.

Independent external auditors provide their expertise and verify the use of the certificates according to the VCS (Volontary Carbon Standard) and the GS (Gold Standard). The VCS standard sets requirements in terms of socio-economic development and focuses on the involvement of the local population in offset projects. The GS standard, which is under the supervision of the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change), meets the same criteria as the VCS standard, but is even more restrictive in terms of additionality and in the monitoring process.

Go now for eno4climate!

This service enables you:

  • to be advised on available projects according to your criteria;
  • to offset your greenhouse gas emissions;
  • to contribute simply and easily to climate protection and social projects.

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New customer?

You are not yet an Enovos customer but you would like to take out a contract? Follow this link.

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Are you already an Enovos customer? Take all the necessary steps in your customer area.

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