The default supplier

The amended law of 1 August 2007 on organisation of the electricity market and the amended law of 1 August 2007 on organisation of the natural gas market stipulate that all end customers that do not yet have a supplier allocated by virtue of a supply contract are supplied by the “Fournisseur par défaut”.

The Luxembourg Regulation Institute (ILR) has designated Enovos Luxembourg as “Fournisseur par défaut” for the electricity grid and natural gas grid managed by Creos Luxembourg.

Since the rates applied for “Fourniture par défaut” are higher than those generally applied on a supply contract, we advise you to draw up a supply contract as soon as possible with the supplier of your choice, which will then take all the necessary steps to deliver to your point of delivery, and this will automatically curtail the “Fourniture par défaut”.

The maximum duration of the “Fourniture par défaut”, regulated by the ILR, is stipulated in the general conditions for the “Fourniture par défaut”. On expiry of the maximum period stipulated by the ILR,“Fourniture par défaut”is automatically curtailed.

Do not worry: you do not have to change anything at all, your facility or meters, simply contact the supplier of your choice and sign a supply contract with this supplier.

You can consult and download our prices and supply contracts for individuals or professional costumers at our website.

Mois Prix proportionnel pour clients résidentiels Prix proportionnel pour clients professionnels
Avril 2022 1,02316 €/m3 1,19186 €/m3
Mars 2022 1,02316 €/m3 1,78744 €/m3
Février 2022 1,02316 €/m3 1,16858 €/m3
Janvier 2022 0,95991 €/m3 1,20946 €/m3