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Place of residence

Roof dimensions

Length meters
Width meters

Roof inclination and orientation

*Inclination measured in degrees

0° for a flat roof (horizontal)

90° for a vertical roof




PerformanceXXX kWp

Specific annual production:XXX kWh/kWp

Annual productionXXX kWh





Investment incl. VATXXX

Income (15 years)XXX

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Profitability* :

Straightforward photovoltaic installation, service included

With enosolar, we will help you to purchase, install, insure and service your photovoltaic installation.

For five years, Enovos guarantees an all-inclusive service, guaranteeing the profitability of your investment.

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Become a green electricity producer. Enovos will help you to install a high-performance system."

  • Profitability guaranteed
  • Production guaranteed
  • High-performance equipment
  • Monitoring
  • Professional installation
  • Grants

Opt for a photovoltaic installation

As a promoter of decentralised, more environmentally-friendly energy production, Enovos will support you in your solar project. We will help you to generate green electricity through purchasing, insuring, installing, servicing and managing your solar panels.

Post-installation, Enovos offers an all-inclusive service guaranteeing electricity production over five years.

Benefit from a personal loan with BGL BNP Paribas to finance your photovoltaic installation.

Devise your photovoltaic/solar project clearly, gain access to grants

Do you have a roof? Enovos will do the rest. Depending on your level of exposure, the area of roof available and the potential for sunshine, we will create a tailor-made project with our experts and partners.

Once the project has been designed, Enovos will help you with the administrative tasks, enabling you to benefit from available grants to assist in the purchase of a photovoltaic installation.

We want to guarantee the profitability of your installation over time by taking into account the purchase and maintenance costs, any grants available, the reduction in your electricity bills and remuneration generated by injecting energy into the network.

Installation, monitoring and maintenance of your photovoltaic/solar panels

The manufacturers we work with, who are selected for the quality of their work, propose high-performance, aesthetically-pleasing systems. Enovos negotiates directly with them to obtain a varied product range at attractive prices. Multilingual service providers, trained in the product range, will install your solar panels to ensure that they function in an optimal manner.

Once the installation is up and running, Enovos will constantly monitor your production. You will be kept informed of your solar panel performance levels. Our instruments will immediately detect the slightest anomaly and will enable us to intervene swiftly if a problem arises. The enosolar service includes all of the breakdown costs for your installation in the event of a problem*.

The assurance of profitability guaranteed

With enosolar, everything is above board - there are no nasty surprises. We guarantee your energy production. If the installation is not performing as it should, Enovos will refund the difference between actual production and initial targets.

The enosolar fixed fee includes all-risk insurance cover for your installation. You are therefore protected against inclement weather conditions, theft or fire**.

Calculate how much you could earn based on network tariffs

As a green electricity producer, you will be remunerated for the energy produced, based on electricity network injection tariffs set by regulators. Remuneration is guaranteed for a period of 15 years***, from the time that the solar installation produces electricity.

Calculate your investment and the profitability of your future photovoltaic installation.

*In the case of established product and/or insurance guarantees for the first 5 years subject to contractual conditions.
**All Risk Electronic Insurance for a period of 5 years, policy taken out by Enovos.
***In accordance with current legislation.



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