Decentralised energy production

Enovos supports the development of decentralised energy production. Its purpose is to ensure that, in the future, individuals, local authorities and professional organisations can contribute to the supply of green electricity and more efficient heating.

Decentralised energy production reduces the proportion of fossil fuels in the energy mix and reduces the environmental impact of our consumption. This is Enovos's vision - the vision in which the group is investing on a daily basis.

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Support decentralised energy production

Enovos wants to make consumers more familiar with energy sources by promoting sustainable and more environmentally-friendly ways of producing energy. Decentralised energy production is a direct response to key economic and environmental issues.

Decentralised energy production for greater independence

The development of decentralised energy production makes countries more independent as regards energy sources. Nowadays, it is easier to produce energy locally and directly, and to be less dependent on major production facilities.

Enovos will help you to acquire and finance decentralised energy production units.

Innovation in the area of electricity storage

Enovos is committed to finding new ways of utilising energy generated through decentralised production. Enovos is investing in technological solutions and is involved in research and development projects. The group wants to be innovative in the following areas: electricity storage, and the intelligent management of production and energy consumption.



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