Cut energy bills thanks to mobile apps for your home

More than an electricity and natural gas supplier, Enovos wants to help you with all your energy requirements. By developing innovative solutions, we want to help you make real energy savings and manage your consumption responsibly.

Our mobile apps for your home have been created in order to help you improve your home's energy efficiency and enjoy a more comfortable lifestyle at the same time.

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Enovos - a key player for your connected house

Mindful of addressing current social and environmental issues more effectively, Enovos is proud to offer you green, sustainable energy at an attractive price. Enovos also wants to help you reduce your energy bill, through simple eco strategies and installations to get your home connected.

Control your energy budget with Enovos apps

From this perspective, Enovos is committed to developing solutions to enable you to control your energy consumption, in particular from your smartphone.

Two mobile apps have been developed for the home:

  • enosmart tado°, which allows you to control your heating remotely via your smartphone, using a central thermostat or intelligent thermostatically-controlled valves.
  • enocoach, for its part, allows you to control consumption directly. The app also helps you to consume less energy more efficiently through personalised tips and recommendations.

Smart Apps