Carbon Approach

In-depth environmental approach

An in-depth environmental approach consists in implementing a multi-year climate and performance management strategy in which we define together the reduction goals to be achieved.

Next, data is collected in order to analyse the actual situation. Calculating CO2 emissions is the first step towards the systematic management of greenhouse gases. You will obtain an overview of the most significant sources of emissions in your municipality and in order to implement concrete actions. The cycle is repeated regularly to monitor the impact of the measures taken.

Carbon footprint

Carbon footprint calculations involve accounting of the greenhouse gas emissions associated with an activity, site, event, etc. Enovos offers a wide range of accounting tools of greenhouse gas emissions, from the most basic to the Bilan Carbone® method. These tools enable you to calculate your greenhouse gas emissions in order to reduce your environmental impact as much as possible, but also, among other things, to study the vulnerability of an economic activity and above all, its dependence on fossil fuels.

Furthermore, it is  possible to offset your unavoidable emissions via MyClimateLux .


Would you like to contribute to environmental preservation by reducing your carbon footprint?

With MyClimateLux*, you can calculate, reduce and offset the CO2 emissions produced by your business by investing in climate protection projects in accordance with the most selective international standards.

Click here  to play your part in climate protection!

*MyClimateLux a.s.b.l. is a non-profit organisation which was launched in June 2008 by l’energieagence , le  Henri Tudor Research Centre (PRC)  (now LIST) and Enovos Luxembourg .

The main purpose of this organisation is to offer businesses and private consumers in Luxembourg a range of products and services aimed at:

  • raising awareness of the reality and causes of climate change
  • reducing greenhouse gases through bespoke advice for businesses
  • offsetting residual and hard-to-avoid CO2 emissions through voluntary actions

European emission trading scheme

Enovos is active on the carbon emissions trading markets and can offer EUA, CER, ERU and VER purchasing and resale services with direct transfers to/from your EU-ETS register. We can also advise you on the management of your carbon portfolio and help you to take your decisions with a weekly overview of the market.