nova naturstroum

More local than ever!

Our landmark product since 2003, nova naturstroum is a premium product comprising 100% renewable energy, 68,88% of which is generated at national power stations (since 1 January 2016). nova naturstroum therefore contributes to the production of green energy in Luxembourg and in the greater region.

nova naturstroum Energymix 2016*

energy mix, nova naturstroum in 2015*

* The nova naturstroum energy mix may vary according to customer demand and the availability of renewable energy, the production of which is significantly influenced by, inter alia, meteorological conditions.

To ensure the sustainability of nova naturstroum, we are committed to continually incorporating new facilities into our renewable energy portfolio.

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What is the difference between naturstroum and nova naturstroum?

Via its environmentally friendly products naturstroum and nova naturstroum, Enovos is addressing companies, public facilities and private customers with the wish to engage actively in climate protection.

energy mix, nova naturstroum in 2015*

The renewable energy naturstroum comprises to an extent 100 % of hydropower. The green power offered by Enovos Group is certified pursuant to GoO (Guarantee of Origin) and is produced in accordance with specifications set out under the EU guideline 2001/77. These Guarantees of Origin for the Luxembourg market are moreover recorded in a register managed by the Luxembourg regulation authority "Institut Luxembourgeois de Régulation" (ILR) on the basis of the Grand-Ducal directive of June 21, 2010 governing the power designation system. Enovos Group can furthermore present even more guarantees for all its naturstroum products as they are monitored by the independent inspectorate "TÜV SÜD".

At the same time, the Enovos Group has been offering another high-quality, environmentally friendly product since 2003: nova naturstroum. This is also distributed by Steinergy, NordEnergie and Leo too. nova naturstroum has been undergoing constant development since then and is produced to an extent of up to 64% by national generation plants since 2015, whereby the plants concerned use hydropower, wind, photovoltaic and biomass resources. The remaining production currently up to an extent of 36% is currently produced by new plants located within the European Union.

In order to promote the sustainability of nova naturstroum, we are continuously endeavouring to integrate new plants into our existing portfolio of renewable energies. In line with this, more than one third of your nova naturstroum mix will come from hydropower plants which will not be more than 3 years old on January 1, 2015 or will have been renovated in the course of the 3 years prior to that date.

Why is the premium product nova naturstroum more expensive?

If you have chosen the product option nova naturstroum, you as a private household pay on average between EUR 14 and 25 more per year for your power.

nova naturstroum is primarily power produced sustainably in Luxembourg on the basis of renewable energies such as hydropower, wind power, biomass and photovoltaic, and via generation plants in other EU countries that are verifiably no older than 3 years or have been renovated within the past 3 years, whereby higher costs are incurred by way of the sourcing and managing of the green power and the certification of each plant such that a supplementary contribution of EUR 0.35 cents/kWh has to be charged.

Similarly, in this context, the support provided by the ecological investment fund fonds nova naturstroum should be mentioned, which among others promotes the development of renewable energies in Luxembourg and investment in new plants.

Should you decide in favour of nova naturstroum or have already done so, why not combine your premium product with the Internet service e-connect. In this way you don’t only save up to EUR 60 per year but you also reduce the amount of paper consumed; this keeps costs down while at the same time protecting the environment.