Whether they run on natural gas, electricity or are rechargeable hybrids, ecological cars offer numerous benefits and now represent a viable alternative to petrol or diesel vehicles. Constant progress in propulsion technologies and infrastructure, as well as the appearance of new vehicle models, makes eco-mobility more attractive every day. Enovos supports these technologies and offers novel solutions in order to give consumers an alternative which is perfectly adapted to their mobility needs.

Today there are models for all tastes with engines that offer all the performance capabilities of traditional vehicles. The savings achieved with eco-mobility also constitute an excellent reason to opt for an ecological car.

Electric vehicles

Opting for an electric vehicle is:

  • ecological (lower CO2 emissions)
  • economical (lower fuel costs)
  • comfortable (silent, automatic gearbox)
  • efficient (more powerful thanks to new technologies)

Which vehicle should I choose?

technologies functionalities autonomy field of application car models
electric vehicles battery and electric engine +/- 150 km for short distances BMWi3, Renault ZOE, eGolf, Mercedes B-Class Electric Drive, …
electric vehicles with range extender battery, electric engine and fuel generator +/- 150 km in electric mode
+/- 250 km in fuel generator mode
for short and medium distances Opel Ampera, BMWi3 Rex, …
“plug-in” hybrid vehicles battery, electric engine and combustion engine +/- 50 km in electric mode
+/- 900 km in combustion mode
for short distances in electric mode, without limitation in combustion mode Volvo V60, Audi A3 e-tron, Golf GTE, …

Enovos Offer

Enovos Luxembourg today offers the widest range of charging solutions for electric vehicles in Luxembourg. Whatever kind of vehicle you wish to charge (bicycle, electric bicycle, quadricycle, car, van, truck, bus, etc.) Enovos is able to provide you with a solution.

Since environmental impact is one of the main criteria, the Enovos electric mobility concept is powered by mobistroum, the 100% renewable electricity source for mobility. The entire Enovos infrastructure for charging is supplied with green energy.

From providing information on the various vehicle models to putting you in contact with the dealership, via installing your charging box and billing your electricity consumption, Enovos will guide you through each step of your journey towards eco-mobility at a competitive price. Discover our complete range of products.

Natural gas vehicles

Natural gas is an economical alternative fuel offering numerous environmental advantages.

Enovos mobigas natural gas helps to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, carbon oxides and fine dust. In addition, since it is produced in the Grand-Duchy, it is also ecological in the sense that there are no long transport distances characteristic of fossil energy sources. Consisting essentially of methane, it is the same natural gas used for cooking or heating.

Today, the majority of automobile manufacturers offer natural gas vehicles within their range of products. In Luxembourg, the number of cars running on natural gas has grown in proportion to the development of supply infrastructures.

To calculate your potential savings by running on CNG, visit .

Lëtzebuerg gëtt Gas

The Lëtzebuerg gëtt Gas Organisation, of which Enovos is a founding member, was set up in order to:

  • promote the development of the natural gas market and the use of natural gas for vehicles (NGV) as a more environmentally friendly fuel;
  • promote the use and sale of natural gas vehicles;
  • serve as a permanent link between its members;
  • advise its members and defend their common interests, whether professional, economic or social, at national and international level

Furthermore, the government intends to continue offering the tax relief scheme currently in force, confirming that natural gas will come to play a major role in the reduction of CO2 emissions in the transport sector.