enobox smart

Your intelligent charging solution

enobox smart

So simple, so smart: charge your electric car at home using the enobox smart

Environmentally friendly mobility is one of today's greatest challenges. An increasing number of e-bikes and electric cars can be found on our roads and are paving the way for future-oriented transport that gets us around without the need for fossil fuels. Enovos have made it their mission to develop state-of-the-art technologies that help us to reach this goal.

enobox smartby Enovos is just one important milestone along this path.

The enobox smart – home by Enovos is more than just a simple charging station. Charging your electric car at home takes as little as one hour with the enobox smart. What's more, you can also connect it to your smart home system, for example, allowing you to regulate energy consumption and output as your car is charging so that there's enough power left for everyone. If you are installing the enobox smart in a shared property, your access card ensures that the box is only used by authorised persons.