Charge your vehicle

The most important thing for electric vehicle users is being able to recharge. Therefore, Enovos offers a whole range of products and services to guarantee all users both comfort and performance during their journeys.

For your fleet of electric vehicles and for the comfort of your clients 

Would you like to install charging stations for electric vehicles on your premises?

Do you want to offer your workers and employees a fast and safe recharge solution?

Thanks to Enovos’ charging infrastructures, you can enjoy a state-of-the-art service. Whether eBox, eStation or photovoltaic carports, Enovos offers a complete range of solutions for all types of charging.

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Public charging stations

Today, there are more and more possibilities for charging electric vehicles, whether in public or semi-public places (such as shopping centre car parks).

Contact us if you would like to establish a charging infrastructure in your municipality! Our experts will advise you and guide you towards the solutions best adapted to your needs.

Les véhicules de votre flotte en déplacement ont besoin d’être rechargés au cours de la journée ? Profitez des nombreuses stations de recharge publiques à votre disposition.


To charge your electric car throughout Luxembourg, mobicard is your ticket to alternative mobility networks.

Enovos offers two different solutions to meet your needs:

  • mobicard gives you access to various charging stations around Luxembourg.
  • mobicard Mov’ gives City Mov’ subscribers access to all national charging stations, as well as all the City Mov’ car & e-bike sharing systems available in numerous municipalities and participating companies.

To order your mobicard, click here (link to mobicardcontract).

Are you interested in our mobicard Mov’? Contact us at 2737-6699!

Gas.mobility stations

Natural gas is an economical alternative fuel offering numerous environmental advantages. In Luxembourg, natural gas cars are gaining in popularity in parallel with the expansion of a network of stations supplying natural gas.

Enovos, in cooperation with Aral Luxembourg S.A. and Sudgaz S.A., took the first step by offering natural gas in urban areas. Since the first two stations opened their doors in Findel and Luxembourg-Merl in 2004, the network has been expanded.

Luxembourg now has six natural gas service stations which Enovos supports through its investments. This network is set to grow further in the future. There are currently around 900 service stations in Germany and the trend is growing.