"Energy for today. Caring for tomorrow."

Enovos is now taking up a position as one of the major players on select energy markets in Western Europe, and wishes to offer its customers a genuine alternative through integrated solutions based on a well-planned combination of innovative energy products and services.

Enovos customers may reap the benefits of a highly-motivated multinational team of energy experts whose watchwords are customer satisfaction, rapid response and effective communication.

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As the main energy supplier in Luxembourg, Enovos puts a strong emphasis on its environmental responsibility. In accordance with its motto "Energy for today. Caring for tomorrow.”, Enovos is committed to the development of renewable energy sources in the Grand-Duchy and beyond its borders.

In October 2011, Enovos adopted a new approach and decided to convert all its standard rate conventional electricity supply to a single green product called naturstroum.

Enovos seeks to supply all its customers on a long-term basis with high quality and innovative products without losing sight of the importance of environmental conservation.


Natural Gas

Comfortable, safe, clean, competitive and ecological, natural gas is an energy source which provides numerous advantages. This being so, Enovos is strongly committed to the development and the promotion of green natural gas.

According to its leitmotiv "Energy for today. Caring for tomorrow.", all standard rate customers are automatically being delivered with naturgas without any extra costs since 1st October 2012.

In order to go one step further in its ecological commitment, Enovos extended its range of products with the premium product nova naturgas. Nova naturgas is a biogas produced locally via biomass fermentation.



Bicycles, e-bikes, natural gas buses and cars, electric cars, etc.: all these means of transport that do not use fossil fuels are examples of eco-mobility. Enovos is contributing to the promotion of these technologies in order to offer consumers real alternatives in the domain of mobility.

One of Enovos' main objectives is to promote ecological mobility by offering innovative solutions adapted to the needs of the country.

Enovos has developed a network of natural gas refuelling stations supplied exclusively with natural biogas (mobigas). In addition to natural gas mobility, Enovos also offers a wide range of electric vehicle charging solutions that use only green energy sources, as well as integrated mobility solutions.


Decentralised production

Enovos promotes and supports the development of decentralised energy production, which will one day enable everyone (professionals and private consumers) to participate in supplying energy.

According to Enovos' vision, decentralised electricity and heating will be produced close to consumers and will supply people and businesses in the vicinity of residential and industrial areas.Furthermore, electricity needs and production will be regulated more efficiently than it would be in case of large power stations supplying electricity from abroad. Decentralised energy supply not only includes small wind and solar farms, but also home electricity production and even businesses, feeding their surplus electricity back into the grid.

In addition to the production of decentralised electricity, Enovos emphasises on innovation in the fields of energy storage and thermal engineering, thus making a significant contribution to the energy supply of tomorrow.


Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency measures and evaluates the quantity of energy required for a defined energy need. Two factories may manufacture the same product, but one can achieve the same result as the other with less energy.

Enovos helps municipalities, businesses and private consumers to achieve their energy efficiency objectives - be they regulatory or voluntary. Enovos considers it an essential priority to offer consumers a range of products, tools and services intended to analyse and reduce energy consumption.


Smart applications

In the future, technological progress in smart homes and digital technology will mean that we will be able to monitor and control our own energy consumption simply and easily with mobile applications.

Enovos aims to improve energy efficiency, while at the same time increasing everyday comfort. To this end, Enovos is developing applications for home and office, which can be connected to 'smart grids' using advanced meters (smart meters).